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About Vivebloom

Vivebloom products represent an all-natural, innovative approach to improving agricultural yields.

We know that agricultural runoff, sprays, pesticides and fertilizers pose environmental hazards for every person on this planet. Yet, we continue to utilize these substances to meet a the growing demand of a growing population.

Here’s an alternative: Imagine thriving plants that are healthier from the inside out. Vivebloom products work holistically to increase plant yields and protect fruit. Much as we consume vitamin supplements that promote the healthy function of our bodies, think of Vivebloom products as catalysts that augment a plant’s natural ability to grow and resist disease. All Vivebloom products are 100% carcinogen-free.

It’s a revolutionary way to think about agriculture, but the time for healthy change is now.

Freeze Protector

Vivebloom lowers the freezing point for fruit and flowers by several degrees, saving fruit crops from disastrous cold.





Plant Booster

Vivebloom is an all-natural liquid solution that increases a plant’s ability to absorb nutrients, utilizing the principle of cation exchange.





Produce Wash

That hazy film on your blueberries and grapes isn't natural, and water alone won't always rinse away the sour taste of chemicals. Use Vivebloom to wash away undesirable residues, wax, pesticides, and dirt.