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Produce Wash 16oz

Remove Harmful Residues & Pesticides

That hazy film on your blueberries and grapes isn't natural, and water alone won't always rinse away the sour taste of chemicals. Use Vivebloom to wash away undesirable residues, wax, pesticides, and dirt. Spray Vivebloom Produce Wash on fruits and vegetables prior to consumption and experience the true taste of fresh food, just as nature intended.


A natural blend of processed extracts of coconuts, corn, grains, soy, sugarcane, and other plant-derived substances.

Spray Vivebloom Produce Wash over fruits and vegetables; rub the surface to remove dirt and contaminants, then rinse. Use warmer water to remove stubborn wax residue. For irregularly-shaped foods such as grapes or cauliflower, add Vivebloom Produce Wash to water and soak food for several minutes.


  • Odorless * Tasteless
  • Plant-Based Power
  • Carcinogen-Free, All-Natural
  • Vegan Formula
  • Made in USA